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Content Marketing

We craft truly original stories that are the match of any publisher’s— then scale them to reach the right audiences.

Arby’s – Vegetarian Support Hotline

Arby’s new Brown Sugar Bacon is so good we worried vegetarians might be tempted to indulge. And so was born 1-855-MEAT-HLP, a support hotline for those souls needing help to stay on the broccoli bandwagon. By speaking to an “anti-audience,” we inspired meat lovers to take action — Brown Sugar Bacon was Arby’s most successful 2015 product launch.


Dairy Management Inc. – The Udder Truth

For Dairy Management Inc., we created a series of videos and other content to debunk consumer myths about milk and the dairy industry. We captured dairy farmers revealing “The Udder Truth” about antibiotics, animal care and “big ag,” generating 1.1 million views; and an Onion integration that took on the absurdity of dairy myths drove 50% of site traffic to



We’ve helped give Flex — maker of the “things” in the Intelligence of Things™, as they call it — a voice in the crowded IoT conversation through a platform they call INTELLIGENCE. To reach influential business leaders, we got “physical,” working with Flex to launch a 70-page magazine and distribute the first issue at the World Economic Forum in Davos. Now a quarterly magazine with 30,000 copies distributed and an expanded digital and social presence, INTELLIGENCE earns regular media attention, generates leads and drives real business results for Flex.

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